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~*ThE HeAdQuArTeRs oF tHe OrDeR oF tHe PhOeNiX*~

*DrAcO dOrMiEnS NuNqUaM TiTiLLaNdUs*

NyMpHaDoRa ToNkS
24 April
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I am a 19-year old beauty therapy student living with my man in Devonport, North Shore, Auckland, NZ. I'm a qualified Beautician, and am studying to become a Beauty, Body and Spa Therapist; I should graduate next year sometime. I love Harry Potter hehe even though I am not the typical age for doing so, my username is a mix of my favourite character Nymphadora Tonks and my MSN username is the new Gryffindor Chaser, Demelza Robins just because. I love all music, dancing, movies, parties and I love my friends. I LOVE Suzie McNeil she is an absolute legend! I also really like Desperate Housewives and was an avid watcher of Lost when it was on.

I can't be bothered to type any more so here is my Sims2 Profile:

Lol, I'm mad, and I absolutely, utterly, spiffingly LOVE Harry Potter!!! You wouldn't believe how much hehe I can't get enough of JK Rowlings' incredible talent! Sin City is an amazing movie! I also enjoy rockclimbing and surfing, when I can be bothered hehe! I rode horses for 7 years and I still love them, I love all animals. I love painting and other arty things, I LOVE music I like so much stuff I can't even summarise what type I like..50 Cent(YE-YAH!), Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, THE CHILLIS, Stereophonics, Indie, Coldplay, Athlete, Blindspott, Incubus, John Williams, Gorillaz, Shihad, Aaliyah, Rooster, Houston, Head Automatica, Blaque, My Chemical Romance, Pharrell, The Strokes, Reef, The Have, The Datsuns, Kaiser Chiefs, Mariah, Franz Ferdinand, BLACK BETTY, Brooke Fraser, Jet, Sublime, Boyz II Men, Armand van Helden, Kanye West, Lemar, Ludacris, Jack Johnson, Missy Elliot, Gorillaz, The Killers, Eagles, Righteous Bros, K-Ci & JoJo, Nelly, ... freakin' sh*tloads man. The OC and Desperate Housewives! I love dancing (not that I can...mind you) and spending time with my friends and my manly mann. I'm totally addicted to my iPod, man. Jessica Alba & Brittany Murphy (hot!), Vince Vaughan, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Isla Fisher! I love being random also, and saying things such as...EXPELLIARMUS!! It embarrasses Dani but WHO CARES its funny!

About Me: I am an INCREDIBLE Harry Potter fiend, I just can't get enough of the books, and am happy that the movies are beginning to do them justice! They started out so rank. Plus that not-so-little-anymore Dan Radcliffe ain't too bad...Bring on the Goblet of Fire! Ask me any Harry Potter question and I'm pretty sure I could answer hehe, I just LOVE it!! I live on the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand with my wonderful boyfriend while I complete my 1 & 1/4 years long Beauty and Spa Therapy course. I have shoulder length brown, black and blonde hair and I am very short for my age hehe, only about 1.57cm!! Don't laugh! I am 19 years old and once I finish this course I want to travel overseas to see the world and try to extra on Harry Potter, hehe! No, I want to work in a spa resort, yay! And do makeup onset of Harry Potter...haha nah...I love little miniature dogs and cats and kittens and horses and snakes and lizards and owls...I love having a good time, be it watching lots of movies; especially Sin City (I LOVE it and its quotes: Eyes to the stage, pilgrim. She's just warming up; Oh, sugar, you just gone and done the dumbest thing in your whole life; Jackie Boy, it's a regular African love-fest in here; I don't do group jobs; Is that the best you can do, you pansies? Shut up and keep your hands to yourself, or I'll cut your little pecker off. Always and never...) clubbing, dancing, going to the beach, or just hanging out with my cool sexy mates. ROVE MCMANUS IS THE MAN!!!! I love Jesse Metcalfe and Jason Behr *YUM* and I think Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Carmen Electra and Angelina Jolie are all FREAKIN' hot man. I love MK Olsen too. I love JK Rowlings' hilarious quips; "They stuff people's heads down the toilet first day at Stonewall," said Dudley, "Want to come upstairs and practise?" "No thanks," said Harry, "The poor toilet's never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick." CLASSIC!! Haha!!! & I love my Dani :* Remember, Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus!! P*Sout!